Adding A Font To CapCut

adding a font to capcut

With its many features and functionalities, CapCut is a powerful and easy-to-use video editing tool. One of its greatest benefits is the option to import custom fonts, which can improve your movies’ visual appeal and give your projects a unique, creative touch. 

We’ll walk you through the process in this tutorial of using CapCut on PCs and Android devices to import custom fonts.

What Is CapCut Fonts

You may wish to consider upgrading your font if you want to produce visually appealing material. Fortunately, there is a great range available in video editor apps like CapCut to improve the visual appeal of your recordings. Additionally, you can express your creativity by trying with different font styles, effects, animations, and bubbles.

Adding styles is one of CapCut’s best features for content makers. Making the perfect font choice improves the visual looks of the video. This lends your work uniqueness and creativity, making it easier for viewers to connect to you. People are becoming more mindful of details these days, and it’s simple to determine when someone has put in extra effort.

The Top Fonts For CapCut

These days, every little thing matters. You should therefore choose the ideal typeface to go with your video. The most widely used CapCut fonts are listed here.


The fact that you may use this font for a variety of uses is its best feature. Its neutral, effective, and adaptable design does not divert the audience’s attention from the main objective.

Because it’s easy to use, this can be a safe option if you’re new to the content creation sector. However, you should also remember that it can be viewed as a simple typeface that lacks personality and won’t bring attention to your project on its own.

 Amatic SC

This font is now quite popular and entertaining on CapCut. Given that its strong personality will make your material stand out, it might be an excellent choice for titles.

Long texts should refrain from using it. Its unbalanced, uniquely shaped letters can be eye-catching. Fonts with sizes like this one can make your content harder to read.


It’s a fun font to read because of its curved, bold lines. It is already present in several CapCut projects and is becoming more and more well-liked.

Its eye-catching font has a unique look due to its big characters. Its modern design is attractive without being excessive, and it is quite accessible.

Person Typing

This font has an old look. The bright color of the font is ideal for a title because it will draw the audience in.Because of its inconsistent cadence, it’s a charming choice for your videos.

Long sentences, however, should avoid using this font. It is more difficult to read and takes away from what you wanted to say.

Adding As Well As Pairing Fonts

CapCut offers a wide variety of choices for improving the visual appeal of your videos. Selecting a suitable font is crucial, particularly if your project calls for the usage of two different fonts. Here are some tips that you should consider if you want to test a combination. Recall that the substance is what really matters, so try not to change their focus.

When in doubt, stick to the basics. In a single video, don’t utilize more than two distinct fonts.

It’s also possible to select the same font twice but utilize two distinct styles.

Mix typefaces with a bold personality with a more subdued appearance.

To draw the viewer’s attention to the most crucial content, use varying sizes.

How To Use CapCut Android To Import Custom Fonts

Download The Font

The font of your choice must be downloaded before you may use CapCut to import custom fonts. Many sites, such as font collections and graphic design tools, offer fonts for download. Click on the font you wish to use to begin downloading the file after you have located it. Usually, the font file is compressed into a zip file, which you have to extract in order to view the font files.

Take Out The Font Files

It’s time to extract the files from the zip package after downloading the font. In order to do this, either open the zip file and drag the font files to a new folder, or just click the file to remove it into a new folder. A great deal of fonts are available in.ttf or.otf formats, therefore it’s important to know which one you downloaded.

Add The Font To CapCut

It’s time to launch CapCut and import the font now that the font files have been extracted and are ready for use. To accomplish this, first choose “Add Text” from the menu after clicking on the “Text” option. After that, click “style”; a “+” icon will appear. This icon can be clicked to display the font import menu.

Find The Font Files

Choose the font file you wish to use by going to the place where you downloaded the font files. To import a font file into CapCut, either click on it or the “Import” button when the font file is selected. You may now add personalized text to your movies by selecting the font from the font option.

Make Use Of The Custom Font

Now that the custom font has been imported into CapCut, you can use it in your projects. Just apply the custom font to your text by selecting it from the font menu. Additionally, you can change the font’s color, style, and size to better express your artistic vision.Make use of the Custom Font.

Now that the custom font has been imported into CapCut, you can use it in your projects. Just apply the custom font to your text by selecting it from the font menu. Additionally, you can change the font’s color, style, and size to better express your artistic vision.

How To Customize CapCut PC’s Fonts

Using custom fonts with CapCut on your PC might help you make your videos more original and creative. It’s simple to add a custom font to your videos with CapCut’s user-friendly UI. Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, we’ll take you through the easy steps in this article to add a custom font to CapCut on your PC.

Install And Download The Font Of Your Choice

Installing and downloading the desired font is the first step towards adding a custom font to CapCut on your PC. Online, there are numerous sites that provide both paid and free fonts. Among the well-known websites are,, and

Once the font of your choice has been located, download and set it up on your PC.

Launch CapCut And Include Text

Launch CapCut on your computer after installing the typeface of your choice. CapCut can be launched by double-clicking on the desktop icon, searching for it with the Mac Launchpad or Windows Start menu.

To add a new text element to your film, click the “Text” option once CapCut is open. The toolbar at the top of the screen has the “Text” button.

Choose Your Own Font

Next, select the “Text” tab’s “Font” dropdown option. Click the dropdown menu and choose “System.” Your computer’s installed fonts will all be visible as a result.

Scroll down the “dropdown menu” window until you locate the custom font that you already downloaded and set up. Click on the font to pick it once you’ve located it.

And that’s it! You may now use your customized font in CapCut on your PC. Enter the desired text and choose the font from the “Font” option list to utilize it in your text elements.

Final Thoughts

Adding unique fonts to your films using CapCut on PC or Android is a simple yet effective way to improve their visual appeal. This article will walk you through the easy process of downloading, installing, and using your preferred custom font in CapCut on your PC. So feel free to play around with different fonts to add a little character to your films!

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