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CapCut is an iOS and Android video editing tool that is easy to use and packed with features. CapCut can be used on a desktop computer if necessary, even though many users prefer to use its mobile app for mobile use.

A wide variety of applications and software packages for video editing are available. Which choice is best for you will depend on the kind of videos you want to make and why. However, excellent common video editing applications are ideal for all users, like CapCut.

Basic video editing functions are available with the smartphone app CapCut . 

Is CapCut For PC Free  to download and use, the program is marketed as a free TikTok editing app but can be used for creating a wide variety of films. It is downloadable on Mac, Web, iOS, and Android devices. In addition to other standard editing functions like split, reverse, and more, it can let users add effects, music, stickers, and filters.

What Is CapCut For PC?

CapCut for PC is a free video editor that is very user-friendly and all-in-one, with an amazing feature set that is available without charge. What really makes it stand out is how easily even beginners can become comfortable with its extensive features. A wide range of video editing needs are met by Windows PCs, from attractive transitions to amazing effects.

CapCut for PC takes itself in having an easy-to-use interface that allows for even those who are new to video editing. Also, the wide range of state-of-the-art methods allows complete modification of each and every component of the video display.

With the most current, popular stickers and modern beauty effects, you can always count on this program to help you edit and produce your amazing videos on the larger display.

More than 200 million individuals use Bytedance Pte. Ltd.’s video editor all over the world, and it is now available for PCs.

CapCut is proud of its large library of modern techniques for completely altering every aspect of the video presentation, as well as its simple interface that even complete beginners in video editing can use. This app’s fundamental functions, such as resizing, cutting and editing video files, are just the tip of the ocean.


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NameCapCut for PC/Windows/Laptop
CategoryVideo Editor and Player
License TypeFree
Developed ByByteDance Pte.Ltd
File Size128 MB
Last Update February 24,2024

Why Is CapCut A Popular PC App?

Its wide variety of tools, filters, and effects appeals to content creators. To take full advantage of CapCut’s features on a larger screen, many customers have been requesting a PC version.

With CapCut for PC, you can edit and produce beautiful videos with the greatest beauty effects and the most popular graphics on a larger screen.The greatest video editing programs have evolved into the most demanding tools, much like other software. This is due to the fact that the Google Play Store is overflowing with wonderful applications that have been created by developers and will provide expert results. However, none of them are able to compete with CapCut.

Features OF Capcut For PC 

It provides various powerful CapCut for PC features that may be used, including the ability to add sound effects, filters, captions, change the background, cut the video, mix the video, and make many other changes.Here we discuss some feature of CapCut For PC;

Basic video editing 

Functions include trimming, splitting, combining, speed curve and speed adjustment zoom in/out effects, freezing functionality, and transition effects.

Complex Video Editing 

Keyframe animation, slow motion (using an optical flow and speed curve tool), chroma key, a multi-track timeline, and stabilization are features of an advanced video editor like capcut for pc.

Filters & Effects 

A variety of filters and effects can add a magical touch to your videos. CapCut provides what you need whether you’re trying for a joyful and colorful setting, an old-fashioned feel, or a classic effect.

  • Choose the video clip you want to use.
  • Press the “Filters” button.
  • Choose the filter that best fits your style of choice by looking through the ones that are offered.
  • If they want, change the filter’s brightness.

 Text and Headings

You may improve the story you tell by giving your videos eye-catching titles, captions, or text overlays. It is possible to add a personal touch to your work by selecting from a wide variety of fonts, colors, and animations.

 Music And Sound Effect

Add millions of sound effects and music clips, as well as take video and audio clips out of media.

 Speed limit

You have the ability to adjust the rate of your video and specify how long you want the speed change to last. This allows you to edit your video to make particular clips quicker for the audience.

Mod Features Of CapCut For PC

The mod features of the new version are listed in the section below;

  • Make your movies into beautiful pieces of art by adding lots of attractive effects that improve the way they look.
  • Your video will stand off when it uses attractive stickers, unique phrases, and original styles to quickly take your viewers.
  • Enjoy an extensive collection of TikTok music that has been specially chosen for your creativity.
  • Use the tools of Cut, Reverse, and Change Speed to benefit you to create visually interesting videos that are interesting.
  • There are now more language options available to users.
  • It can operate in dark mode.

Alternative To CapCut PC

If Capcut currently doesn’t have the features or activities you need, you can check into these other options.


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Adobe Premiere Pro

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DaVinci Resolve

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VN Video Editor

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How To Download And Install Capcut Apk On PC

Read the installation guidelines provided by the official source carefully. For this, you may want to download and run an installer, then follow its visible steps.

  • How to Set Up and Download capcut on pc
  • On your computer, launch the emulator program using the desktop shortcut or start menu.
  • Installing apps from Google Play will require you to sign into your Google account.
  • You may search for a capcut  after logging in, and selecting the “Install” option should launch the application within the emulator.
  • If capcut isn’t available on Google Play, you can download the APK version of the app from this page. Double-clicking the APK will launch the emulator and start an automatic installation of the software.
  • Double-clicking the CapCut pc icon within the emulator should launch the game on a large-screen PC .

Independent of the version you have installed, follow the instructions above.

Final Thoughts Of CapCut PC

One of the best video editing programs on the computer is capcut, which has many amazing features. This program takes video editing to new levels by providing an easy and simple experience. A wide range of interesting filters can be used to improve your video songs. In addition, using this amazing video editing application does not require extra memberships.

The steps listed below outline the best way to install CapCut on a laptop running Windows.

In case you have any questions or find any issues with CapCut for PC or emulators, do reach out to us in the comments section.We want to help you!We are always here to assist you in using CapCut PC on your computer. Kindly use the form below to let us know of any issues you come across, and we will answer your message as quickly as we can.

 Frequently Asked Question 

 Yes, it is now possible as CapCut’s developers have released the PC version of the program.

Yes, CapCut from ByteDance, a TikTok firm, is totally free to use.

Yes, it has a text and caption tool which lets you add various fonts and styles for your text and captions to your movies.

Yes, you may use a variety of filters and special effects to make your videos look better.

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