How TO Use Green Screen On CapCut – A Step-By-Step Guide

How To use green screen on capcut

CapCut is a video editor for PC, Android, and iOS. It lets you split videos, change their speed, crop them, add stickers, effects, text, overlays, chroma key, and more. The platform is owned by Bytedance, the same company that runs TikTok. This app works well if you want to make short videos like those on TikTok.

You first need to join or login to the website. Then, you may change your movies online or download the software on your computer.

When you first open CapCut’s interface, it asks you a few things to make your experience more unique. Answering these questions will make your editing experience more enjoyable and in line with your needs.

What Is Green Screen Editing?

In film and video techniques like chroma key, the word “green screen” is used. With the green screen method, video editors can add or change the background of a moving object.

On the other hand, changing the video background is a pretty common editing technique used in many movies. With strings, ropes, and a green background, for example, an actor can easily portray the painful mountain journey scene without actually climbing a cliff.

How To Use Green Screen On CapCut

It seems that everyone these days likes to use green screen effects in their movies. In a selfie video, this could be a meme, a moving video effect, or artistic banners that take the video to the next level. To join the green screen trend, all you need is a video editor like CapCut that has a green screen tool. This blog post will show you how to use the green screen on CapCut to easily remove the background. Let’s look right now!

How to Create a Green Screen on CapCut Using Chroma Key

Make sure the green screen update is already in your gallery before you use this method to use the green screen in CapCut. Go to the site and Pexels to get green-screen movies for free if you don’t have one. You can also make a green screen video with the screen recorder.

Step 1: CapCut Lets You Add Your Background Clips.

Click on “New project” and select a video to use as the background.You can pick more than one movie clip as well. After that, press “Add.”

Step 2: Place The Green Screen Movie On Top Of The Other Video.

It’s at the bottom of the screen. Click “Overlay” and then “Add overlay.” Next, pick the video that has a green screen background that you want to use.

Step 3: Pick Out The Color You Want To Get Rid Of.

Scroll down to find the tools at the bottom of the green-screen movie. Tap on the “Chrome key” button when you see it. It will be time to choose a color. Next, pick the green or any color you want to eliminate.

Step 4: Take Away The Chosen Color

Press “Intensity.” After that, there will be a button at the bottom. Move the scale around until the color you chose goes away.

The lighting on the subject may sometimes be different from the lighting in the background. In this case, you can tap “Shadow” to make the shadows bigger or smaller.

Step 5: Save The Movie.

To use the effects, tap the checkmark at the bottom right of the screen when you’re happy with the result. Then, send the movie out like you usually would.

How to Clear the Background on CapCut with Green Screen

It comes with the chroma key and the background removal, which you can use to change the video’s green screen. This tool can eliminate the green screen background when you click “Remove background.” This is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Put your background clips into CapCut.

Click “New project” in CapCut, pick out the videos, and click “Add.”

Step 2: Pick the movie with the green screen you want to play over.

Click “Add Overlay,” then “Overlay” again, pick the green screen movie, and click “Add.”

Step 3: “Remove background” should be used.

Click on the movie with the green screen. Scroll down to see the tools. Tap on the “Chrome key” button when you see it. The color choice will appear, and you can choose the color you want to eliminate, such as green.

Step 4: Make more changes and then send the video out.

It’s straightforward to share the movie after editing it.

CapCut’s green screen tool works great for short videos, but there might be better choices for longer, more complicated projects that will be posted on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

In this case, it’s best to look for a reliable option to CapCut. FlexClip is our top pick because it has everything you need for a green screen editor.

Features About CapCut’s Green Screen Editor

Here we discuss the features of capcut green screen editor;

It Only Takes One Click To Get Rid Of Green Screen Themes.

CapCut should be your first choice for tools that save you time. Our green screen video maker is a high-tech tool that will get the job done quickly and correctly, even if you need to learn much about editing. With the green screen remover, you can move your figures to different places and make them look like they belong there.

Put In New Scenes That Fit Your Story Instead Of The Green Screen.

It’s now easy to change pictures taken in front of a green screen. You can use our editor to remove the green screen effects and replace them with different backgrounds, making your shots look like they were taken in real life. The green screen background video editing tool in CapCut will come in handy whether you want to add special effects or a beautiful background.

Improve Your Writing Skills.

Once you’re done with the green screen effects, you can use our free magic AI tools to add a unique touch to your photos and videos. Innovative tools, such as a picture upscale, portrait generator, AI color correction, and more, can help you improve your work.

Tap Into The Power Of Green Screen Editor

Check out how an online green screen movie editor can make your work more interesting.

Reports On The Weather

Meteorologists on TV use green screen pictures to show maps in the background while giving the weather report. But a blue screen is better when choosing between a blue and green screen, a blue because it prevents map images from having color conflicts.

Making Movies

Moviemakers can film in front of green screen backgrounds to add extra effects to scenes. With this method, the green background for editing can be changed to fit the movie’s plot, giving viewers a unique experience.

Building Games

When making games, people can use a green screen video editor to shoot scenes that can be turned into a variety of virtual dystopian or fantastical settings. These things will help them as they build their dream world. 


You can’t say enough about how crucial green-screen video technology is in the fast-paced world of digital content creation. It lets artists be as creative as they want by taking characters to different places and times that add to their story. If you understand how it works and have tools like CapCut, you can get really good at this method and make better videos.

This guide contains valuable information about green screen video and the tools and methods associated with it. It’s meant to be a solid starting point for your trip into more advanced video creation. This new technology is an excellent tool for artists of all levels, from those just starting to those who have been editing for a long time. Use its power and let your thoughts run free.

Frequently Asked Question

CapCut has two quick and easy ways to remove the green screen. First, it has a background remover tool that automatically removes any background. Second, the Chroma Key can be used to remove the green screen on CapCut.

Many people say they can’t find Chroma Key on CapCut anymore and wonder if the program is eliminating such a cool feature. The Chroma key is still there, thank goodness. It was changed to get rid of the background.

You can find and get great green-screen movies in many different ways. You can easily use hundreds of green-screen videos that you can find on FlexClip, which is a great site.

With this free and easy-to-use video editor, you can download a movie without losing quality. You can also enjoy music that isn’t owned by anyone, many stickers, intro and outro movies that have already been made, many other features, and more. You can even record a green-screen movie with its screen recorder if necessary. 

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