How to use motion blur in CapCut

how to use motion blur in capcut

What CapCut lets you do is blur your photos and movies, among other things. CapCut’s blur effect lets you hide parts of your video or draw attention to a certain part. It’s also possible to blur just certain parts of the video with this tool, which is useful for giving your videos that “wow” factor.

Do you know what makes movies look more real? Professionals add different kinds of effects to movies to make them look artistically perfect. Most of the time, professionals use different kinds of tools during the post-production phase to add effects to videos. Motion blur is a popular effect that is added to videos to make them look like they are moving slowly.

What Is Motion Blur, And When Should You Use It?

Let’s start by breaking down the motion blur. In some movies, the moving train or car might be hard to make out. Things that move in the frame (video) look blurry. Adding motion blur to a moving item can make it look like it’s moving quickly even though it’s really moving slowly. Motion blur makes it look like an item is moving faster than it really is.

Keyframes let you move any object, sticker, or anything else in the movie. The object moves smoothly from one keyframe to the next. It doesn’t look real because the moving is so smooth. That’s why we use motion blur sometimes: to make things that are moving look more real and not at all animated.

Last but not least, motion blur is what blurs things that are moving, which makes sense. Let’s go straight to the part where I show you how to use Capcut video blur.

What Does Motion Blur Mean?

Motion blur is when fast-moving objects look like they are racing through still scenes or a series of frames in a movie or video. This happens when the picture that was recorded changes because of fast movement in the frame or a long exposure. To put it another way, the movements are logged as a mess.

Moving blur is another creative way to use photography, right after bokeh. On top of that, it can give the picture a sense of calm, mix stillness and movement, add vivid charm, make the picture emotional, and make or increase certain feelings and impressions.A lot of cartoons and video games also use the motion blur effect. Motion blur effects can be found in most video games. If you turn this feature on, the picture will look a little smoother and action and fast-moving scenes will feel more real, but it won’t make the FPS go up in the game.

Here are some reasons you might want to use motion blur:

Make Things Look Better

A video with motion blur looks better than a regular video. With the motion blur effect, you can pixelate the parts of media files that you don’t want. 

Buying Things And Ads

Today, marketers know that adding a focal point to their films keeps people watching. Motion blur lets people focus on what’s important while blurring out what else is in the picture. 

Encouraging People To Use Art

Motion blur helps people be creative by making videos more mysterious. Like in a fast-paced movie, the beautiful line of lights can show speed or how quickly time goes by.

You can get motion blur in the raw version of a movie that was professionally shot, but you can get studio-quality quality by adding motion blur effects after the fact. The best tools for adding motion blur online, on a computer, and on a phone are on this list.

The Best Free Tools For Making Motion Blur

Online tools make it easy to add motion blur effects to your movies. These are the best ones.

CapCut Is An Online Movie Editor

CapCut is a well-known multimedia editor that can help you blur the motion in any movie. It’s simple to use, and you can change how strong and how fast the motion blur works. You can also try out different blur styles to make sure you get the best results. You can blur the background, certain parts of a movie, or the whole thing.

The Kapwing

Kapwing is a new, free online option to Premiere, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro for people who are used to adding motion blur effects. It has quick and easy-to-use tools for editing your video perfectly. The tool is great because it has an Adjust video tool with a clear Blur slider that is simple to use. Motion blur can be added to a video right away to make it look lively and interesting. Kapwing is free to use, and there are no spam or ads to get in the way of your work.


With Lunapic, you can quickly blur your videos, which makes it a useful online producer. It gives any video motion blur after effects and has simple features and functions that let you change the video however you want. The blur and sharpness effects can be adjusted to a certain level, and the end result is great.


Use Flixier to show off your movie editing skills. It only takes seconds to pixelate or blur video with this online tool for changing videos. Its pixelation technology lets you use different blurry shapes to effectively hide parts of a movie. Along with other features, Flixier is the best way to manage movies and make scenes look better overall.

In Capcut, How Do I Add Motion Blur?

Before the latest release, you couldn’t add motion blur to videos. Beginning with version 6.8, there is a straight way to add motion blur in Captivate. I’ve written out how to add it here.

  • The first thing you need to do is add the video to the timeline that you want to hide.
  • After you choose the movie, the panel will show up at the bottom of the screen.
  • There, you can swipe until you reach the second-to-last choice, which is motion blur.
  • If you click on it, it will blur the move in your movie.
  • That’s easy.
  • Just look at this picture if it’s too hard for you.
  • One more thing you can change is the blur and mix settings for the motion bur. There is a setting that lets you choose which way the blur goes in. You can choose just one. Just open the Caps Lock app and do what it says. Once you do it, it’s easy.

How Do I Add Motion Blur Effect To CapCut?

Adding the fuzz doesn’t take as long as it looks. Motion blur is easy to do if you know anything about editing videos.

  • Open Capcut and add a new project first.
  • This is where you can add any movie or picture that you want to blur.
  • After you click on it, click on Video Effects.
  • There, find Motion Blur under Basic Effects.
  • As soon as you add the media to the project, the effects menu will show up.
  • Use it in the video.
  • Done!

How Do I Change How Strong The Motion Blur Is In CapCut?

  • Once the motion blur effect is added, you can change how strong it is and which way it moves.
  • The motion blur layer has a gear or settings button that you can click.
  • You can change the blur effect by moving the strength slider up or down.
  • To make sure you get the look you want, watch the changes happen live in the video preview.
  • When you’re happy with the blur level, save the changes. The effect will then be added to your movie.

CapCut lets You Be Creative

CapCut lets you blur your whole video, just certain parts of it, or even things that are in it. You’ll find it easy to add the blur effect or any other filter once you know how to use CapCut’s tools. It will be possible for you to make unique and creative videos.

You can blur video with CapCut. Have you ever used it? What parts of the video did you blur? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Frequently Asked Question

Adding motion blur effects with a powerful and trustworthy multimedia tool like CapCut is the best way to do it. First, CapCut is cross-platform compatible, which gives you more options and makes you more productive. It’s also simple to add motion blur to your movies and edit them in both basic and advanced ways to get great results. 

No, You can only hide parts of a video that you don’t want to see with the motion blur effect. It doesn’t change the resolution of the files you’re using. With the CapCut editor, you can carefully add motion blur to your videos and improve them even more to get the best quality and resolution.

Yes, the CapCut online video editor lets you add a motion blur effect to a movie after the fact. It is an easy-to-use media tool that can help you improve the highlights of your media and add motion blur without any trouble. Even better, it makes editing easier for people who use phones and people who like to edit on a computer.

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